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NEW Pop-Up Portrait & Materials Workshop

Northwood Avenue Studio

199 East Northwood Ave

Columbus, OH 43201

Saturday December 3, 9:30pm-1pm

$75 payable day of the workshop

Class will start with 30 minutes of learning to tone your own watercolor paper for drawings. Pre-toned paper (dry) will be available to students for drawing during class. After the 30 minute materials lesson, class will consist of a 3 hour portrait pose with an instructor demontration and one-on-one feedback to students.

Class size is limited to 4 students, so there will be plenty of time for questions and personal feedback. Email to reserve your spot!

Materials list- Bring pencils ( 2B,HB,2H,4H), drawing board, kneaded eraser, clickable eraser stick.

Instructor provides: Professional quality hot press watercolor paper hand-toned with ink wash and white conte pencils.

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